Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Which Potential Benefits of Hybrid App Development Stand Out the Most?

The primary advantages of hybrid app development are lower costs, superior scalability, high-speed performance, ease of maintenance and quick time to market.

How Do I Know If My App is Native or Hybrid?

Go to the setting option and click on the “Developers Option.” Turn on the “Show Layout” tab. Now launch your app and see the layout highlighted. If you see lots of rectangles highlighted, your application is Native otherwise, it’s Hybrid.

Can Hybrid Apps Work Offline?

Yes, because of the nature of the infrastructure, Hybrid Apps can work offline but data cannot be updated. Users can still load the application and access the previously loaded data.

Is Facebook A Native or Hybrid App?

Facebook is a perfect example of a Hybrid App. You can log into Facebook on your computer or you can download the app on your phone.

Which Are The Most Commonly Used Hybrid Application Development Platforms?

Ionic, React Native, Sencha Touch, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Titanium and Monaca are well-known platforms for developing Hybrid Applications.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Hybrid Applications Over Native Applications?

The most significant advantage of choosing a Hybrid Application over a Native Application is the reduced Development Cost. There’s no need to develop different applications to run on different platforms. Cross-Functional or Hybrid Applications developed by TechRev’s Hybrid Application Development Service run seamlessly on all platforms and reduce your overall development and marketing costs.

Is Hybrid App Budget-Friendly?

Yes, Hybrid Apps are indeed budget-friendly as they save almost 30% of cost compared to Native Apps. The overall cost also depends upon features, number of platforms, etc.

Can You Upgrade Outdated Hybrid Framework to The Latest Ones?

Yes, our Hybrid Apps Developers can efficiently port from an outdated cross-functional app code and upgrade that to the latest ones like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and more.

Can Hybrid Apps Use the In-Built Features of Mobile Device?

Hybris application as you know eliminate the need to develop applications twice (one for Android and another with iOS).

Owing to their architecture, Hybrid Mobile Applications rely on plugins to access some of the inbuilt features of a mobile device. Many of these plugins are readily available while some of them are not. We have and are capable of building the requisite plugins for our clients to meet their unique requirements in terms of the features of mobile devices.

Is It Necessary to Have A Website With All The Features Similar to Apps?

Well, it’s not necessary, but having a website with features similar to the app gives a strong boost to your business with great customer engagement. We highly recommend it.

How Do You Ensure Data Security Within The Hybrid App?

We take Data Security matters very seriously and to ensure optimum data security we only use the latest and the most highly efficient tools. We take the leverage of the latest security advancement by Apple and Google to protect the apps we develop.

Are Hybrid Apps the Future?

We are presently at the stage of infancy when it comes to choosing between platforms. There are four platforms: Windows, HTML, Android and iOS. Yes, Hybrid Apps are indeed growing in popularity, but Technology is a dynamic vertical and we expect other technologies will also boom along with Hybrid Apps.

Which Language is Best for Hybrid Application Development?

We would like to recommend React Native for developing a Hybrid Application as it provides the best outcome. It utilizes JavaScript as it’s the most popular and easy-to-learn language and it boasts the strong support of a huge developer community.

What is The Concept of a Hybrid Web Application?

A Hybrid App is a software application that uses elements of both Web and Native Web Applications. Hybrid Apps are Web Apps that have been put in a Native App shell. These applications are very popular as developers just need to write code for a mobile application once and the app can accommodate multiple platforms.

Custom Web and Mobile Application Development

How will we communicate during the Custom App Development process?

Our custom application development process assures complete transparency. We will provide daily and weekly reports to our clients. A business consultant is your main point of contact. They will lead and oversee a group of app developers and connect with you on a daily basis to ensure that the feedback-communication loop is always open. We also send Email updates.

What Are the Key Advantages of Developing and Integrating Custom Software Applications?

Custom web and mobile app development enable your business’s digital innovation, enabling you to digitize optimized services and products and offer them to customers with unique custom mobile apps.

What About Any Assistance I Might Require Both During App Development and Afterward?

As one of the leading custom web development companies providing workarounds for OS updates and security patches in the future, TechRev provides active support for OS updates and security patches.

Custom Apps Can Be Developed on What Platforms?

Our main focus is on developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. With support for all OS platforms and devices, our Rapid Application platform is completely effective at delivering incredibly intelligent business apps.

What Is the Timeframe for Creating a Custom Mobile App?

TechRev uses an automated custom mobile app development methodology to create and deploy cross-platform apps that cut the time required for their creation by 10X. TechRev, the most reputable US Web Development Company, develops specialized software products that are tailored to the particular ecosystem of your company. Additionally, we provide a live (functional) prototype in two to three weeks. In seven to eight weeks, we offer fully functional applications for iOS, Android, and the Web.

Should Your Clients Also Test the Application?

TechRev has an in-house team of experienced and highly skilled testers who work hand-in-hand with the development team. However, our clients can always test the app at their end and share the feedback with us.

Do you support tablet version for Android and iPad version for iOS?

Yes, if you have budget flexibility, you can have customized tablet and iPad versions of the app. That’s how unique our Hybrid mobile app development services are.

Do we provide source code to our clients?

Yes, we provide our clients with the copyright or license for the whole source code that we write for developing your application. We believe in keeping transparent communication on intellectual property rights.

Should You Develop a Website or App?

If you are planning to bring your business online, the first thing you should consider is how much budget you have and how much you will require for having an excellent digital solution. As a new-aged and customer-oriented web and mobile app development company, we would always recommend you to develop a website first and then a mobile app as it is a smart and cheaper option.

Android App Development FAQs

We already got the designs; can you work with those?

We prefer to follow our customized design process after understanding your requirements. It allows TechRev to deliver you the highest quality and consistency. But we can definitely be flexible with this. If the designs you have are strong and effective, then yes, we’ll be able to work with those. However, if it doesn’t meet our standards, then we’ll be honest and recommend that we create the designs for you instead. We will manage the design and development with our dedicated in-house team so you will have a competitive edge. That’s what made us the most successful US web development company.

Can you work with our existing technical, design or marketing team?

Sure, we don’t mind. In fact, we’d be happy to have people from your team contributing to this successful execution. Even though we will be understanding your requirements well before getting to work, having dedicated executives from your end will certainly be an added advantage.

Further, in custom software development, we strive to build a strong relationship with your team so that we can work together and achieve the most effective results. We always suggest arranging a meeting or at least a call with the teams involved to explore ideas, brainstorm, and figure out how we can work around any limitations.

How do I track the app development process?

Yes, the entire Android mobile app development process is transparent. We’ll ensure that you are updated on all the steps we are taking for the successful completion of your app. Additionally, prior to the development, when we discuss your requirements, you will be provided with a project cycle detailing all the steps involved in Android app development. Furthermore, we’ll keep you informed about the successful completion of each step with regular updates.

I have only the idea about the application, where do I start?

No worries. Our team of expert and dedicated executives from IT development to marketing can help you with that. Get in touch and talk to our experts via our email  – info@techrev.us. Our team will get back to you and discuss how we can take it forward.

How will you be developing the Android app?

For Android app development, we primarily use Java and XML as our main programming languages. Once you have finalized the idea and concept for your application, we start working on the prototype. You will be given an estimated timeframe of all the activities and steps taken in the development. Android app development is now easy when you choose us.

TechRev's Development

Can You Develop A Website Along with The App?

Yes, the TechRev application development team is highly skilled and experienced in developing web applications along with mobile applications.

Is my mobile app concept safe?

We prefer to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement with our clients who are concerned about protecting the app ideas. It gives them peace of mind that their apps and project details are fully safe with TechRev.

How do we turn the latest Technology Trends into advantages for Our customers? Which are the key technologies we are adopting at present?

Technology is a highly-dynamic vertical. The fast rate at which technology trends evolve can be daunting for any business owner. It may be tempting to follow the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” methodology, but there are risks associated with lagging behind current technology trends. Low code development is one such modern trend.

This is exactly where our highly-efficient R&D team comes into the picture. Our R&D team always keeps a tab on the latest technology trends and finds the most intelligent and scalable ways to leverage the latest technologies to make our clients’ lives better. Below, are a few ways that we follow when it comes to keeping up with changing technology trends that will help our clients

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Streamline Day-to-Day Operations
  • Increase Savings
  • Defining a well-executed IT strategy based on the latest technology trends.
  • Investing in Scalable Bandwidth
  • Timely software updates
  • Plan well ahead

With the correct understanding of web and mobile app development technologies, TechRev’s developers always come up with some unique applications. We are currently leveraging market-leading technologies like Angular, Ionic, NodeJS and Native App Development for providing digital domain bases solutions to our clients.

Who Are Your Application’s Target Customers?

Before you start anything with your application development venture, you need to know who are the end-users of your application.

You should do comprehensive demographic research to know about your app’s end users. If you don’t have any idea about researching your app’s demographics, our highly experienced and skilled digital marketing solution expert can help you with the most comprehensive demographic for your application.

DO we provide the source code to our clients?

Yes, we provide our clients with the copyright or license for the whole source code that we write for developing your application. We believe in keeping transparent communication on intellectual property rights.

How do we ensure that we develop apps that meet all the requirements of our clients?

We analyze our client’s exact needs and develop a robust and highly scalable application that can make our clients’ day-to-day operations more efficient and cost-effective along with giving a substantial boost to their revenue.

When it comes to custom application development and custom business software development for our clients, we never follow a “one size fits all” approach. There are two crucial elements that we always keep in mind when creating custom applications.

•  User-friendly – Each application that we develop is user-friendly
• Accommodative – It can be customized to accommodate all your requirements.

TechRev follows a comprehensive and powerful agile methodology when it comes to delivering a high-quality, tailor-made application that can make our clients’ daily operations seamless and convenient.

The methodology enables us to –

faster releases of MVP and products themselves;

  • faster releases of MVP and products themselves;
  • improved efficiency of the app;
  • better team collaboration
  • improved team efficiency (each release becomes better)
  • fewer bugs and troubleshooting
  • faster fixes (usually throughout the project)
  • higher customer and user satisfaction

Adapting this approach increases our company’s chances of overtaking competitors. This allows us to implement the development plan quickly and take a leading position in the market or the selected niche.

We keep upgrading ourselves with the latest mobile (iOS, Android), web, and Hybrid mobile app development technologies so that we can provide the right tailor-made solutions to our clients so they can perform all the day-to-day activities with a highly configured server.

We at TechRev believe in conducting regular communication with our clients as it helps us to fully understand their needs. Based on regular communication, we develop the most cutting-edge application solution for our clients.

Our custom application development cycle focuses on two key things-

1.  Ensuring the optimum Application performance
2. How the application is going to make our clients’ day-to-day operations seamless and highly-efficient.

Do you build web applications?

Yes, almost every mobile application that we develop needs the support of a web-based application behind it. When you log in to an app, there’s always a web server working in the background, providing the app with the date that is checking whether you have permission to log in or not.

Can you build apps for both android and iOS?

Yes, we always prefer Hybrid mobile app development that runs seamlessly on Android, iOS, and web platforms (until our client specifically tells us to develop native apps only). The majority of our clients want their applications to work across all the web and mobile devices, so we use development platforms like Ionic, Cordova, and Angular along with our proprietary tool called DEW (Developer Efficiency Workbench), a Low-code/No-code solution to develop applications that run across both web and mobile platforms.

Why should you consider us?

We have been the most preferred choice of technology solution provider for our clients ( from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 organization) because of our wide capabilities to successfully deliver highly scalable and best-in-class business process automation process by creating highly functional and robust web and mobile applications. We bring systems, processes and applications together with a seamless integration process.

If you have a big idea, find yourself overwhelmed with complex problems, or want to best ROI from the most cutting-edge web and mobile application development solution, TechRev is your perfect IT partner.