5 Crucial Advantages of Node.js for Start-Up Companies

5 Crucial Advantages of Node.js for Start-Up Companies

It has never been so simple to bring your idea to the table and launch a start-up. With the advancement of custom web and application solutions, internet revolution and crowdfunding, people are now able to bring their innovations to the market. However, the whole thing is not as easy as it seems.  

Making The Right Selection is The Key to Win- 
Choosing the right programming platform can have a serious impact on a product’s success, development costs, overall marketing and growth plan.  When it comes to determining the right technology stack, it’s important to consider crucial factors like scalability, learning curve, development lifecycle and time, developer’s community, etc.  

Working with so many clients over the years, we, at TechRev have realized one thing- we should always adopt or innovate things that we cannot avoid. JavaScript is unquestionably regarded as the world’s most popular programming language and that’s why it will never go away.  

Node.js is one of the most popular programming languages in the present realm of JavaScript.  Also read: Node.js-5 crucial Advantages

What is Node.js? 

Node.js is a hybrid or cross-platform run-time environment built on V8, a very powerful and open-source JavaScript engine.  To ensure optimum performance level, Node.js leverages the power of the event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm. When it comes to building fast and highly scalable network applications, Node.js is an excellent choice.  

Presently, most organizations want to develop applications that process and consume real-time information and this is exactly where Node.js best serves that purpose.  

Applications That Can Be Perfectly Built With Node.js 

  • Real-time based web applications  
  • Streaming applications  
  • Instant messaging applications  
  • Social media and chatting applications  
  • Virtual emulators 
  • Multi-player games  
  • Collaboration apps  
  • APIs 

The Key Advantages of Using Node.js- 

1. Easy to learn:  

Node.js is easy to grasp, especially once you have already mastered programming languages like JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming basics. The only challenging parts to understand are the client-server model and Node.js’ asynchronous flow. 

2. Keeping Things Less Complicated:  

Before launching the product, developers experience many challenges. They want to keep their lives simple. This is exactly where Node.js can make their lives more convenient as developers can use it for both the client and server sides. With Node.js, developers aren’t required to switch between the front-end and back-end.  

This means applications developed with Node.js require less code and files compared to applications that require multiple languages for the front-end and back-end.  The team can significantly reduce development time by reusing and sharing code for both front and back ends.  With Node.js you can have a team of full-stack developers, thus you can cut on labor resources and costs.  

3. Faster Time to Market:  

Time is one of the most valuable things for developers as project costs goes up with time. Node.js comes in handy when it comes to ensuring less time for the development cycle.  

Node.js is a lightweight technology and it can substantially reduce the custom web and app development time while keeping all the functionalities the same. Secondly, a simple deployment process provides immediate feedback from the production environment.  

4. Scalability:  

Scalability is one of the key components of Node.js. As a custom application development service provider, we at TechRev always prefer to use Node.js for its lightweight and fast nature with the real-time response which can be scaled up. It allows developers to add more modules with time. Node.js can handle a large number of concurrent connections and developers can achieve scalability by load balancing.  

Node.js is always a great programming language for applications that aim to grow and scale in the future.  

5. MVP Development:  

Short budgets and deadlines often push developers to go for a quick product validation with the least amount of effort, investment and resources while ensuring the product is well received before investing more money on development.  

Node.js enables developers to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP is an application with enough features to hit the market and satisfy its immediate customers. MVP is the first stage of developing a full-fledged application.  


If you are already planning to develop a highly functional and robust application with Node.js, you have just landed on the right page as TechRev’s custom web and app development team has the expertise and experience to develop a product that meets all your expectations.  

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