Learn The Differences Between Angular And AngularJS

Learn the key differences between Angular and AngularJS. The two are often confused with each other, even by developers, which is quite understandable because of their similar names. Both frameworks have their own unique features and drawbacks. This distinguishes them from each other. It’s important to know the difference between these two when you are planning your next project or if you’re switching from one to the other for a particular reason.

This article helps you understand the key differences between Angular and AngularJS. 


  • AngularJS is an open-source and JavaScript-based frontend framework. 
  • It is used for SPAs – Single Page Web Applications.
  • The specialty of this framework is that it is continuously expanding and growing as it is aimed at providing the best ways for mobile app development for every IT software company looking for path-breaking web app development.
  • With AngularJS, the old static HTML is completely changed to Dynamic HTML. 
  • With in-built features of dependency injection and dynamic binding, AngularJS removes the need to rewrite the code for those features.
  • AngularJS is growing at a rapid pace, so the software industry is consistently witnessing various improved versions of AngularJS.


  • Created by Google. Even Angular is an open-source, TypeScript-based framework created for Proper Web apps or Hybrid Mobile App Development.
  • Developers or any IT software development company use React or Angular for efficient data manipulation and presentation.
  • Due to updates, the current version of Angular is significantly more effective than the previous one. The core functionality is moved to other modules. Also, the new Angular version is far more swift and efficient compared to the older version.
  • Angular has a newly added Command Line Interface [CLI], which allows the installation of packages that facilitate not only creation but also turn complicated structure code into a modular version for simplified management. Angular is all about the simplification of complex, structured codes.

Differences Between Angular And AngularJS 

Architecture: Angular infamously uses directives and components. Actually, directives with templates are considered components. On the other hand, With AngularJS, the views process the available information as their input for the generation of output. Because in the custom software development process, AngularJS supports Model-view controller designs. 

Written Language: Angular is written in TypeScript by the Microsoft company. This is the superset of ECMAScript 6 or ES6. AngularJS is written in JavaScript.

Mobile Support: Every popular mobile browser supports Angular, which is why it is dominantly used in mobile app development. AngularJS isn’t supported by any mobile browser.

Expression Syntax: For Angular, between the view and the model, “()” and “[]” with properties enclosed in those brackets are used for data binding. “ng-bind” is used in AngularJS for data binding.

Dependency Injection: Angular uses and supports dependency injection, while AngularJS doesn’t. 

Languages Supported: Angular supports TypeScript as well as JavaScript. But AngularJS supports only JavaScript.

Routing:  @Route Config{(…)} is the routing configuration of Angular. $routeprovider.when() is the routing configuration of AngularJS

Structure: Angular enjoys better structure than AngularJS because of its easy-to-create and maintain nature. Maintaining large applications is easy with Angular but lacks behind AngularJS when maintaining small applications. AngularJS is always less manageable in comparison with Angular.

CLI Tool: Angular comes with the Angular CLI tool. AngularJS won’t come with its CLI tool.

Application Examples: For Angular: Upwork, Gmail, Wikiwand, etc. For AngularJS: Netflix, iStock, official AngularJS website, etc. 

Custom software development is a life-changing challenge for every company. Angular is great and has many upgrades and improvements compared to AngularJS. But both share great competition as both are used in hybrid mobile app development. As a company, you may choose to have either a large application or a small application. But for efficient hybrid mobile app development, choosing between Angular and AngularJS is a very important decision. 

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