Why Is Ionic Framework The Best For Developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps

History And Importance Of Ionic Framework 

Drifty Co. developed the Ionic Framework in 2013. Within two years, more than 1 million developers started using it for their cross-platform mobile app development and Progressive Web App development endeavors. This magnificent reach explains the prominence of the breakthrough Ionic framework. Since then, there has been a steep rise in the number of developers using it. There is no looking back for the Ionic framework.

Do you want to know how the Ionic framework became widely famous among developers, right? For that, you need to know about the Ionic framework.

Ionic Framework

  • The Ionic Framework is a free, open-source toolkit.
  • It empowers developers to build advanced and high-performing cross-platform applications from one single codebase only.
  • To speak in detail, the Ionic framework helps in the development of high-standard web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and progressive web apps [PWAs].
  • Ionic is considered to be a powerful SDK for classy hybrid mobile app development projects.
  • This free and available toolkit is a worthy cross-platform app-building toolkit. The ionic framework helps in the hybrid mobile app development of all Android, Windows, and iOS-based apps. Languages like HTML, CSS, Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript are used along with their components to build efficient web apps, mobile apps and desktop apps too.
  • The command line interface [CLI] of the Ionic framework helps in saving further redundant coding efforts, which promotes a simple and quick coding experience for every developer in their web app development projects.

From fresh tech enthusiasts to experienced developers, Ionic is the framework the majority of them are choosing. Even a top IT company like TechRev uses Ionic as part of its app-building regime. So, this says a lot about Ionic’s importance. If you want to use Ionic for coming-of-age concepts like Progressive Web Apps [PWAs], you have to learn the essential nature of PWAs in the present times. Then know how Ionic makes a difference in their development methods.

The Concept Of Progressive Web Apps [PWAs]

  • Simply put, a Progressive Web App [PWA] is a website that acts, looks, and behaves exactly like a mobile application. 
  • PWA is a software application in which developers use very common web technologies like HTML, CSS, WebAssembly, JavaScript, etc. A PWA is delivered using the web.
  • The PWA intends to make it perform on any platform with promising standard compliance across devices, including mobiles, desktops, and other smart devices.
  • Yes, a Progressive Web App is also one type of website or web page. But the difference is that it doesn’t need separate distribution or binding like general websites.
  • By ensuring that it meets basic installation requirements, developers can effortlessly publish PWAs online without much hassle.
  • Users can right away add the apps to the home screens of their devices for quick access for immediate later use.
  • Except for Firefox for desktop, all the other browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox for Android, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., support PWAs to varying degrees.
  • A PWA works with every browser which complies with appropriate web standards.
  • The goal of PWA is to empower developers and every IT software company to develop apps quickly in comparison with Native Apps.
  • PWAs are small but offer quick page loading and a low bounce rate compared to native web apps.
  • Telegram, Treebo, Starbucks, Flipkart, etc., have launched their PWAs.

Why Is Ionic The Best Choice For A PWA Development?

  • The ability to use programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is the major advantage of Ionic.
  • Visually appealing applications can be effortlessly developed with this combination of languages.
  • Moving from one platform to another is also simple. There won’t be any issue in deploying code to different platforms.
  • Even Angular supports Ionic. Moreover, Ionic is based on the API component of Angular.
  • The Ionic framework has Cordova plugins. So, accessing Bluetooth, cameras, GPS, etc., and native features will be easy and simple.
  • Its CLI empowers effortless creation, programming, and testing of the apps.
  • Even companies like Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Tinder, Forbes, etc. vouch that their Ionic PWAs are the best. And they are the reason for their better app performance and great reach.

So, using Ionic for PWA development is the right way to get the best hybrid mobile app development and PWA development services. Contact TechRev for top-quality services that are now accessible and affordable.