A Glossary of the Mobile Development Terms [PART-1]

When you have a mobile application development idea, you may have a lot of questions before you start. So, the very first step you should take before diving into application development is understanding the mobile app terminology. 

That is why we put together an important mobile app development glossary to guide you. Here is a list of 10 terms and acronyms used in mobile app development that will assist you in understanding a mobile app development project.

10 Web and Mobile App Development Terminology

Here are 10 mobile app development glossaries below:

  1. A/B Testing

Mobile app developers and coders can test different application iterations to see which variables result in positive user behavior. They can, for example, test multiple buttons, CTAs, icons, fonts, or copy to see which elements function better.

  1. Adaptive Layout

An adaptive layout will transform to integrate across devices such as phones, tablets, and desktop computers. A responsive design is essential for delivering a seamless experience across devices. We at TechRev offer an exemplary custom app development solution with adaptive layout.

  1. Agile Software Development

The most common mobile app development terminology! Agile is an iterative approach to custom software development. It enables teams to serve customers more quickly. Programmers strive to create software iteratively, with weekly time trials and project modules.

  1. Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs use predefined rules and guidelines to facilitate interaction among software components. APIs are provided by many OSs to aid in mobile application development without the need to create intricate components from scratch.

  1. App Provisioning

App provisioning covers the entire lifecycle of a mobile app. It includes planning, delivering, and managing mobile apps within a particular application server system.

  1. Backend Development

Backend development is the server-side of an app. Users can not view the backend of an application, but the backend code is what communicates information between the server, application, and database.

  1. Badges

Badges are the notifications or warnings that alert users to unread messages, notifications, emails, and other information.

  1. Beta

The software development terms list is incomplete without this! The Beta version of an app is the pre-release, testing version of the application. Developers will examine features during the beta phase, fix bugs, and make final changes before deploying the application.

  1. Bugs

Bugs are defects, issues, or unintended behaviors in a mobile application. Developers will perform code reviews and change requests to identify bugs and fix them before launching the application.

  1. Front End

The front end is the face of an application and is considered the portion of the application that users see and touch.

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These are 10 mobile app development terminology and buzzwords!

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