How to engage your app users?

How to engage your users? Mobile app development service

How many mobile apps have you ever come across in your entire life? Have you ever used any of those apps for ages? We are of course not talking about Facebook, WhatsApp or the Google apps, but genuinely interesting apps that started as a fad and you still use them because you enjoy the functionality. We can vouch there are only a few of them. Just as fads don’t last, apps with a bad interface don’t last either. The mobile app development needs to be holistic and intrinsically detailed. 

Whenever we, at TechRev are onto a project for mobile app development, we make it all about the details. We pay attention to the user demographics, the interface and the functionality, that’s how every app that we have built has been a successful hit in the market. 

If you are on this blog, we can only assume you are either an aspiring developer or a business that’s looking for a mobile app development service. Whichever the case, you can always get in touch with our IT team and have your queries resolved. We are sure we can always figure something out.

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Back to nurturing an app from ideation; let’s see what are the basic things you should do to engage your app users.


1. Problem Solver 

An app without reason is like a person without a spine, it won’t stand out. Have a problem that you can solve, there’s a niche audience awaiting your app already. When you present your application as a solution to any problem, it’s not just a part of marketing, but also assures your audience that you understand their hurdles. It builds credibility and gives you a loyal audience.  

2. Push Notifications 

Do you remember the nudge feature on Facebook? Yeah, that’s what push notifications are like. The only difference is push notifications are not as annoying. Push Notifications are the notifications for your system from the app and it notifies you of any update, promotion and could also be used for gentle reminders. So don’t forget to implement them. If the user has been busy enough to ignore your app, they are likely going to at least check the notifications. Make it as interesting as it can get. 

3. Gratification 

You do realize that customers have utilized their valuable time into your app, don’t you? Make sure you are rewarding them with quality content they can actually use. Encouraging your users to stay connected to the app can go a long way and gratification is one of those methods. If you give your customers a subscription, gift them a bit extra for their loyalty. It can be a third-party partnership, appreciation or a physical thing depending on your strategy. But don’t forget to encourage them with gratification. 

At the moment, the most popular tactics used these days are digital gifts as discounts, free app purchases or third-party integration that could have been hard to get otherwise. 

4. Trial Room 

Leave no stone unturned to give your customers the best experience they can ever get from your app. One of the most common ways is the trial period for a premium version. You can create a trial version along with gratification for in-app purchases during your mobile app development or you can give an option to subscribe to a premium version directly. What does this accomplish? It reveals the value that your app development brings. It also helps the user to understand why they need to purchase the premium version. 

Hope these tips help you with your mobile app development and enable you to strategize better. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to connect with our mobile app development experts via our email.