React Native-Know About The Benefits of Developing Hybrid Application

React Native
React Native

Are you opting for the React Native platform for application development? Before answering this question, you must decide if you are ready to develop code that works in both the native and web environment. If your answer is yes, React JS is the perfect choice for you.

When it comes to investigating the reason behind opting for React-native development, we should first understand what hybrid application development is.

What is Cross-Platform or Hybrid Application Development?

Simply, Cross-Platform or Hybrid application development can be explained as developing a software application that is designed to work on multiple platforms and software environments.

The idea of hybrid application development has garnered a considerable amount of attention, especially in the developers’ community.

Not only does React Native save time for developers, but it also offers some new-aged approach to the entire development process.

React-Native is an inevitable part of the hybrid application development process and it has become one of the most preferable codes used by developers due to its excellent features.

One of the crucial benefits of developing code with React-Native is that you just need to build the code once as it works on any operating system.

The code developed with React-Native is versatile and can be used for both iOS and Android applications.

The code is mainly written in JavaScript and later it is converted into native views at runtime- this is a spectacular feature of React-Native.

In this article, we are going to tell you the reasons why TechRev’s developers use React Native for developing Hybrid Applications-

React Native is ideal for developing a hybrid application as it ensures high stability for the apps and it goes perfectly with the transposable architecture.

Applications developed with React Native always perform optimally. Another advantage of using React Native is that it is cost-effective. The development cost is always lower with React Native than any other framework.

Unlike other frameworks, React-Native uses the native component from API. It allows analytical and demonstrative coding and that’s why code developed with it always comes out clean.

Crucial Reasons Why TechRev’s Developers Use React JS for Developing Hybrid Mobile Applications:

Fine Reload:

React Native enables developers to refresh the application in the app development stage itself. Once the code changes, the application reloads automatically. Therefore, it improves the entire application development time. The live tracking allows one to see all the new changes implemented from the developers’ end. Developers can fetch all the real-time data and generate the most updated UI.

Use of Third-Party Plugins:

Developers often experience a hard time working with a plugin from other frameworks and using third-party plugins is not secure in other frameworks. React JS framework has solved this problem for developers by allowing them to use third-party plugins. React Native comes with a flexible platform that includes a large number of customization options that make a developers’ job more convenient.


The reduced amount of cost is one of the crucial advantages of building a cross-platform application with React JS. Once the application is developed, developers can deploy a large portion of code on other platforms.

React JS allows developers to find errors easily so they can correct those immediately, thus it ensures high quality of code at a more reasonable cost than any other framework.

The UI elements come with a common code base specified for each development platform.

When it comes to debugging the code, it takes less time compared to other frameworks because of its common code mechanism. Developers just need to fix the code once.

Small Resource:

Only a single team of developers who are experienced and skilled with a set of React technologies is enough to handle a hybrid application development project. The small-team methodology helps avoid chaos, as too many cooks always spoil the pot.

Extensive Reach:

Using React JS framework, TechRev’s developers build highly functional Hybrid Applications that enable organizations to reach a large number of audiences. With just a single application an organization can target both iOS and Android users.

Huge Community:

It was first launched by Facebook for its internal use, but eventually, they decided to make it open-source. This framework now has a large community where developers can access a significant number of free resources.

Pre-Built Components:

The Pre-Built components of React JS speed up the entire application development process. There is a great chance that some coder has already developed and left code for some functions that can be very useful for your application. You can use those pre-built functions at no cost.

Simple User-Interface:

It appears more like a JS library than a typical framework. It comes with a typical mobile UI which makes things more convenient for the developers. The It has a superior user interface with improved loading time.

So now you might have realized the reasons why we always prefer to use React Native when it comes to developing an app with a custom hybrid mobile application development solution. We can confidently predict that the future of it is bright considering its current demand.