5 Key Traits that A Software Development Team Must Have

software development team
software development team

A software development team can bring a custom software development company to a whole new level of success.

Most business owners start with the objective of creating or offering great quality products or services. Unfortunately, they often forget to develop a great team to efficiently execute. Starting with a great team is how you set yourself up for achieving the business goal. Great teams are the pillars of a successful organization. One of the significant advantages of having a good team is they drive innovation from the inside. A good team always maintains productivity, loves taking on new challenges and appreciates the workloads.

The team’s energy is contagious and spreads through the organization

Developing a great team is a challenging job as it requires an ideal combination of the right people, environment and objectives. There are certain traits that TechRev’s custom web and mobile application development team always strives to maintain. In this article, we are going to share those traits with you-

1. Effective communication:

A great team communicates well. They always keep people informed and updated with all the work status and developments with the least amount of effort. Each team member needs to understand what they need to do. A good team creates an open and safe environment where people can feel encouraged to share their concerns and ideas. When it comes to dealing with challenges, team people should be upfront and quick enough to deal with the problems.

When it comes to establishing a healthy communication methodolog in a team, it requires proper tools, processes and leadership qualities.  It’s important to have an efficient communication channel where your team members can easily communicate with each other, remain productive and deadline-oriented.

2. Strong Culture:

A strong culture is another crucial component of a great team. Culture brings the employees closer together and makes them effective as a team. Great team culture is not something you can forcibly create. You can develop it with time and in a healthy environment. You should pay attention to how people work together and mixing the right profile can help you to create a healthy culture in your team. Pick the right candidate for the team lead position and coach that person to promote the culture within the team.

3. Common goals:

Having a set of clear and achievable goals is one of the major keys to team success. Before venturing out with anything else, ensure everyone knows about what they are aiming for and the reason behind it. Without knowing it, your team will lose track and end up being demotivated.

Beyond just having goals, a great team promotes a sense of responsibility. Everyone in a team should feel accountable and bought into the team’s shared mission. If the team succeeds, it’s every individual member’s win. An efficient team knows how to avoid a top-down structure where only the top manager is responsible for achieving the goal.

4. Transparent roles and responsibilities of your software development team:

When a team shares common goals, every team member has specific responsibilities. Each member of a good team knows about their responsibilities and takes part in getting things done.

Ensuring a clear and transparent definition of responsibilities is a crucial part of developing a healthy team. Communicating responsibilities in writing and to everyone is an easy and straightforward way to set a team for success.

5. Celebrate little victories:

No matter how small the goal is, when your software development team reaches it or exceeds it, don’t forget to appreciate the team members. This will encourage your team to be more productive and highly-spirited.


It is always a good idea to review your teams regularly to know how they are performing.

Most importantly, ensure that you are investing time and effort to iterate on how great teams form and develop in your organization. Don’t forget that behind every awesome product or service is a great team.