Top 10 Important Benefits of Agile Software Development

Top 10 Important Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile is a method of developing software solutions of all kinds like websites, mobile applications and software. An Agile methodology is considered to be the most sophisticated way of developing a software solution, breaking down the entire development cycle into smaller chunks. These smaller chunks are called iterations. With each iteration, the resulting output will be better than before.

Before the Agile methodology, software was produced differently. A comprehensive development approach of producing an entire software product from start to end is followed. Also, contract negotiations, sticking to the designed plan, etc., are adhered to. And then Agile Methodology happened to the software industry. It happened because of the Agile Manifesto. 

So, let us look at the potential advantages of Agile software development.

Agile Manifesto Led to the Birth of the Agile Project Development Methodology

The Agile Methodology is based on the Agile Manifesto, a group of 17 software programmers and developers that came together to crack the best method of producing sustainable yet breakthrough software. Their collaboration led to the concept and development of the Agile Manifesto. Briefly, these are highlights of the Agile Manifesto, but what is the need of agile software development?

  1. Customers should be involved at every stage and their suggestions to be profoundly considered for their complete satisfaction.
  2. Team matters and its collaborative individuals matter more than any tools or processes.
  3. A step-by-step, period-by-period iterative approach is better than any “at the end” comprehensive documentation.
  4. Adapting to change is more important than sticking to any predesigned plan.

The Agile Methodology changed the way software is developed and produced. Agile development methodologies have a whole spectrum of methods to choose from. Agile Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming are some of the Agile methodologies you can choose from.

It has been suggested that Agile methodologies are the best of all software development solutions. Why is it so? What are the actual benefits that the Agile methodology bestows on the software developers or companies that are using it? Let us dig in! 

10 Advantages Of The Agile Methodology

Here are some advantages of Agile software development that offer many significant business benefits to the organizations. 

  1. On-Time Delivery: Agile uses an iterative approach. Where periodical sprints of 1-4 weeks are taken for each stage. Accordingly, individuals collaborate to derive desired results at every stage. As the entire project is broken down into small steps and completed on time, the entire software production takes less time than in other development methods. 
  1. Swift Change Adaptability: Previously, the software development methods couldn’t adapt to changing conditions and situations. This made them redundant and demanded rework from scratch. Agile methodologies are famous for their versatility and adaptability. Every new effect, tweak or improvement is immediately added to the process in that respective iteration. This made the software consistently evolve with time. 
  1. Cost Saving & Cost Cutting: Agile methodologies are the cost saviors of the companies that follow them. The Agile development method accommodates every timely improvement and changes over the due course of the project. But it also balances the cost-cutting possibility. Iterations, development, testing, etc are all done to the extent they are required. It ensures zero waste of resources, thus saving costs wherever possible.
  1. Transparent Method: The Agile method places team collaboration paramount over anything else. So this means that every individual in every team involved is completely aware of every need, complexity and development. The project manager or owner is completely aware from the inception to the end, that is – deployment. They can share their respective feedback as well. Collaboration is only possible with transparency.
  1. Higher Productivity: In the Agile methodology, every individual is allotted a specific task, one task at a time. This makes them highly productive as they will be concentrating on that particular task for their entire duration. There are several metrics to calculate the productivity of individuals and teams, like cycle time, planned to-done ratio, sprint burndown, lead time, etc., all of which will be high when a company follows the Agile development method. Many businesses have had success and higher productivity with the advantages of Agile software development.
  1. Consistently Improved Quality: Testing is done at every sprint. Debugging the completed code, error correction and adapting to necessary changes from time to time assure higher efficiency levels. The very process of Agile software development promises a higher quality of results and consistently as well. 
  1. High Customer Satisfaction & Engagement: Constant involvement of customers (or stakeholders) is also one of the breakthrough benefits of Agile technologies. It is one of the best benefits among the other 10 advantages of the Agile methodology. Even the first and main principles of the Agile manifesto are client orientation, customer excellence, good service, and customer satisfaction. Their engagement is necessary as it paves the way for better and improved output. 
  1. Reduction of Risk: Before the iteration’s inception, a scrum team assesses and highlights the possible risks involved. Accordingly, a serious action plan is prepared to tackle and minimize the possible risks and future possibilities before, during and after every iteration. Checklists and mapping are used to identify and deal with the risks. This makes Agile the most risk-reducing method of all. 

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  1. Team Collaboration: All the above benefits are directly or indirectly related to the collaboration of individuals and teams. Agile removes all the red flags, obstructions and barriers among the team members and teams. This creates a level playing field for the teams by creating a better collaborative environment. 

10. Business Return of Investment: In the end, along with customer satisfaction, Return On Investment or derived value of the business is important. This is one of the business benefits of Agile. Constant development, adapting to the changes, engaging the customers and users, considering users’ feedback and improving the software after each iteration. All these steps increase the business value. They promise increased returns over what is being invested.    

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So these are the top 10 advantages of the Agile methodology. Agile is a comparatively better way of developing software. Following the Agile methodologies promises better results than what is usually expected and possible. 

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