Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks 2022

The hybrid app is the latest trend and is popular among the developers because it is simple to create for multiple platforms.

A high-quality and sophisticated mobile app development framework is an essential element in creating hybrid apps. However, every hybrid app framework has some set of benefits and drawbacks.

We’ve composed a list of the best hybrid mobile app frameworks in 2022 based on features to help you choose the best framework for your hybrid app development project.

Importance of Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks 

Businesses can choose different customizable mobile application development stacks depending on their requirements and goals. This is a new revolution in the world of information and business. Businesses can now effectively craft and have their mobile applications with the help of the best framework for mobile app development.

The hybrid app development framework makes it swift and easy. With its growing popularity, many alternatives have arrived. 

Now let us see the five best hybrid app development frameworks, go through their pros and cons and choose the one that best meets your hybrid mobile app development requirements.

5 Best hybrid app development framework: Pros & Cons

  1. React Native

React Native is the framework developed out of JavaScript and React together. It is more famous for creating native products than hybrid ones. However, due to its challenges and some attention-demanding intricacies, many people opine that it is not for beginners. But it will help you to bring your organizational vision into reality. 

Its accessibility and future-promising depth make it one of the most sorted app development frameworks. Mastering React Native is termed as mastering the future. Before selecting it, here are some of its pros and cons to decide if it is the best framework for app development you are looking for.


  • You can use different platforms native codes in React Native.
  • With its wide range of instruments, React Native helps to automate and accelerate processes easily.
  • Automatic error detection.
  • While a server is running, altering servers for convenience is called “hot development”. It is possible with React Native.


  • Its hardware flaws make it tough to deal with often.
  • The innate complexity and toughness of the navigation system make it difficult to master for new users.
  1. Ionic

Ionic is another mobile application development framework based on CSS. When combined with AngularJS, it reaches its peak performance.


  • It uses only highly tested programming languages, making it far more reliable than others and is developer-friendly.
  • Ionic hybrid app development frameworks need minimal action from users, so the app development is quick.
  • If combined with AngularJS, Ionic helps to create some of the most complex and extraordinary apps effortlessly.
  • It has many UI components.


  • It faces a complaint of difficult and inconvenient app navigation.
  • Most of the work is performed on AngularJS, so this disappoints some JavaScript specialists.
  • When compared with native products, the end products made here perform less effectively.
  1. Mobile Angular UI

This mobile app framework is a good choice for well-versed people who use Bootstrap or AngularJS. Mobile Angular UI is a totally independent platform that is free from all extensions and external libraries. 


  • Its extensions and external libraries make it very advantageous compared to other hybrid app development frameworks.
  • The developer provides some additional libraries.


  • Bootstrap’s internal issues are the reason for its failures.
  1. Flutter

Google is responsible for the creation of this technology, which was launched in the year 2019. Flutter is used to create many native-looking products and applications for many operational systems. Flutter is among the best hybrid app development frameworks due to the expedient benefits listed below.


  • It is an open-source technology that is made accessible to every passionate and interested developer.
  • Every update is made in real-time. 
  • Flutter is compatible with several OSs.
  • Because of its extensive choice of widgets, customization is very easy.
  • Developers can easily handle it.


  • It is a more recent platform, so it has some flaws that might be corrected in the near future. However, some developers don’t want to risk the quality of their projects on less reliable or recent platforms.
  • A mandatory app size of 4MB is a restriction here.
  • Advanced tools are not free here.
  • It fails to adapt quickly in some operational systems.
  1. Xamarin

Xamarin is in the class of the most popular and widely followed mobile app development frameworks. There are many satisfied users of the Xamarin hybrid mobile app development framework platform. 

Many enterprises in different industries use it for the simplification of their day-to-day operations. This app development framework is useful for creating universal apps that can run on multiple devices without sacrificing design. 


  • Testing is simplified here.
  • Microsoft supports it by supplying the necessary tools to advance its framework.
  • 70% of its codebase is available and suitable for cross-platform use. Developers can generate their own customized products with it.
  • Its performance standard is similar to that of native products.
  • There are many exclusive and platform-specific options here to supplement the general codebase.


  • The platform only supports internal elements. If you introduce external libraries, you can get into trouble and face challenges and concerns.
  • It demands high and laborious integration.
  • Xamarin’s license is very costly. Not every business can afford it.

Final Words

These are the top 5 hybrid app development frameworks. Understand your requirements and choose the best hybrid mobile app framework that suits your business and technical needs. So which one will choose between Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, and Mobile Angular UI for mobile app development?

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