Top 9 Test Automation Tools in 2022

test automation tools

In today’s fast-paced world, test automation tools play a vital role in developing a robust software application while ensuring optimum quality at speed.

Modern software development organizations have already started adopting Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Agile, and DevOps methodologies to remain in synch with ever-changing demand. Test automation is one of the crucial components of these aspects.

Automation Testing’s objective has changed from being focused on shortening testing time to comprehensive coverage and better use of test cases.

Test automation tools enables an organization to adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies.

When it comes to implementing automation testing, using the right tools is important.

The automation tools ensure that optimum benefits of automation are delivered.

In this article, we, as a team of TechRev’s custom web and mobile application development solutions, are going to tell you about the top 9 automation testing tools so that you can choose the right one.

1. Selenium:

Selenium is one of the best tools to automate web application testing. It’s an open-source automation testing tool that can be executed in major browsers and operating systems. Selenium supports a huge number of programming languages.

Key Features:

  • It enables developers to build complex and advanced automation scripts
  • It works as a base for most of the software testing tools
  • The parallel test execution feature considerably reduces test execution time

2. Appium:

Appium is an open-source automation testing tool that is designed for mobile applications only. Testers use this tool to automate native, hybrid and mobile web applications developed for iOS and Android.

Appium is a server-architecture-based automation tool that leverages the vendor-provided automation frameworks, thus it’s easy to set up and use.

Key features:

  • Regardless of the language and test frameworks, it automates any mobile application
  • When it comes to testing native apps, it doesn’t require any SDK
  • The WebDriver protocol allows testers to drive iOS, Android and Windows apps

3. LamdaTest:

LamdaTest is one of the most popular automation testing tools for desktop and web applications.

It allows you to perform both manual and automated cross-browser testing on more than 2000 desktop and mobile browsers. It supports a wide range of languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, C, etc.

Key features:

  • It reduces the test execution by 50% by performing parallel tests.
  • It enables testers to test for geo-targeting, geo-blocking and geo-localization across 27+ countries.

4.Katalon Studio:

Katalon Studio supports both web and mobile environments.

Katalon Studio can be integrated with a wide range of other tools like JIRA, qTEST, Kobiton, Git, Slack and many others.

Key features:

  • Versatility as it runs on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • It comes with hundreds of built-in keywords for different test cases
  • It requires testers to have minimum programming skills to operate the tool

5. TestProject:

TestProject is a fully free, end-to-end automation testing tool for web, mobile and API testing. This automation tool boasts thousands of loyal users.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a script-less test recorder for non-technical users
  • It uses advanced scripting SDK
  • Nicely organized executive analytics and dashboards make the testing work convenient
  • TestProject comes with more than 200 community-provided add-ons

6. Cucumber:

Cucumber is an open-source Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tool. This automation testing tool only supports the web environment. This automation tool’s sole objective is to deliver a highly improved end-user experience.

Key features:

  • Executescode on different platforms
  • Allows test code to be written in simple English
  • It supports languages like Ruby, Java, Scala, Groovy, etc

7. WorkSoft:

It’s an automation testing tool for SAP. It allows users to perform code-free continuous test automation. This platform is ideal for large enterprises that handle complex and large business processes that involve testing across multiple applications and systems.

Key Features:

  • No matter what stage an SAP project is in be it implementation, upgrade or maintenance, Worksoft can be deployed without a second thought
  • It can run automation testing on SuccessFactors, Concur, Syclo, Ariba Network, SAP Fiori User Experience (UX)
  • It comes with an integrated test data management tool

8. Testsigma:

Test sigma is best suited for new-aged Agile and DevOps methodology.

It’s an AI-driven and one of the best test automation tools that uses simple English to automate complex tests and it optimally meets the continuous development requirements.

Key Features:

  • It comes with all the components required for continuous testing
  • It allows users to automate web, mobile, and API services
  • TestSigma Supports thousands of devices/browsers/OS combos

9. IBM Rational Function Tester:

It’s a commercial test automation tool developed by IBM. This tool is mainly designed for automated functional testing and regression testing.

Key Features:

  • Storyboard testing feature enables testers to visualize and edit tests by using natural language and application screenshots
  • It supports two scripting languages JAVA and VB.Net

Final Thoughts:

The truth is, no test automation tools can ensure zero bugs or issues. It is always important to thoroughly check the software and fix the bugs. This is where you need a highly experienced and best-in-class custom web and mobile application development and testing solution provided by TechRev.

We, at TechRev, always aim to deliver quality software at speed.