A Layman’s Guide to Web Development Technology Stack

web development stack
Web Development Technology Stack

Table Of Content

1. What is a Web Development technology Stack?

2. Front-end Web Development stacks

2. Backend Web Development Stacks

4. Web Development Stack at TechRev

5. How to Choose Web Development Stack for a Startup

It’s really important to be meticulous when it comes to choosing a perfect development stack for your project. The selection of the right web development technology stack plays a significant role, as it could result in better or worst functionalities and impact the user experience for your web application.

In this article, we at TechRev, the most leading-edge custom web and app development solution, are going to tell you about what web dev stack is and how to select the perfect technology stack for your web development project.

Web development technology stack-what is it?

What you experience in a web browser is developed using a set of frameworks, coding languages, database and development tools. This particular combination of tools and technology is called a web development stack.

There are two types of web development stacks; front-end and back-end. When it comes to building a web application,, you need both stacks.

Front-End Web Development Stacks:

This is also called client-side. It is the interface that users react with. When it comes to building a successful front-end, the visuals, graphical components and user-friendliness play crucial roles.

The popular tools that developers use for developing a web application’s front-end/client-side are-

  • HTML: Browser can only display HTML content. HTML is the building block of a web application
  • CSS: It provides styles to format all the HTML components on the browsers. CSS determines the fonts, size, colors and other static components of the front-end
  • Front-End UI Frameworks: React, Angular and Vue are the popular front-end framework that allows you to build existing structures and components
  • JavaScript: It’s a programming language that converts static HTML components into dynamic ones and makes your website interactive
  • CSS Preprocessor: These are the extensions languages that overcome the CSS’s limitations

Back-end Web Development Stacks:

The back-end comprises application logic, authentication, database management and synchronization with the client application. If it involves a server, database and application that run on it, then it is server-side.

Based on the backend requirements, developers use the following web stack components-

  • Operating System: The OS that you can find on the server. It can be either Windows or Linux
  • Web Server: It establishes the communication between browser, application and backend server. It sends data through HTTP/HTTPS
  • Databases: It stores user information, transactions and other data. Commonly used databases are MY SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Storage: Documents and images need secure storage. Popular storages  are AWS S3 and Firebase
  • Hosting: It publishes the web application on the internet
  • Programming Languages: Depending on the type and nature of applications, developers use different programming languages
  • Web Development Frameworks: New-aged developers use back-end frameworks that significantly reduce the development time by providing instant templates, structures and commonly built components

Web Development Stack Used By TechRev:

Each custom web and app development team has its own preferred web development technology stack. At TechRev, we use the web stack list mentioned below-

  • Web app front end- JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and React
  • Backend: Node Js, Angular JS,
  • Databases: MY SQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, SSRS – SQL
  • Cloud: Cloud: AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure
  • CI/CD: Travis, Jenkins, Gitlab CI
  • Infrastructure: Terraform, Ansible

How to Choose The Right Development Stack?

When it comes to choosing the right web application development stack, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We always consider the following factors for selecting the perfect technology stack-

  • Your project’s requirements
  • Development, maintenance and support cost
  • Consideration about scalability
  • Time to market
  • Application security

If you are in a quandary about the tools, frameworks, or technologies that you should use, don’t hesitate to drop us a message here and TechRev’s custom web application development team will be glad to assist you.