Why Developer Should Learn Node.Js: Top 5 Reasons

Mobile application development from scratch is a daunting task. It takes a lot of tools, platforms and the right technology support to come together for custom software development. Developers research the development platforms to pick the proper one for their application. During this research, one will never miss Node.js.

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This article will help you learn about Node.js and why you should choose it for mobile app development.

Node.js: The Top Choice for Mobile App Developers

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform server environment. Its library and runtime environment empowers you to run web apps on browsers other than Client browsers. 

Its creator, Ryan Dahl, aimed to have a lightweight, swift and easy-to-use environment. And that’s how Node.js took its birth out of an important need. 

Reasons for Using Node.js for Custom App Development

Node.js offers an accelerated mobile app development process. Here are the five crucial reasons or benefits you will cherish about Node.js:

Sharing of The Language Across The Entire Stock

Node.js is JavaScript that is used for both back-end as well as front-end development. The software development company uses different applications for front-end and back-end development. 

Using Node.js for both front-end and back-end development brings fluidity to the entire mobile app development process. Node.js enables data exchange between server and client applications. 

It allows you to use JavaScript or TypeScript as you want without any friction for the Android app development or iOS app development you intended.

Rapid Mobile App Development

The quick server setting features, the fast running API and everything else are accelerated, creating a conducive environment for any software development or Android app development process. 

Furthermore, multiple API linking processes, prototyping solutions, usage of libraries, architectures and other frameworks propel Android app development or app development that an IT software company uses. 

Node Package Manager

The node package manager is the feature that allows the download and usage of code packages that were used in other projects. 

This is the special feature that keeps Node.js ahead of others. Node.js has the largest library of software registries in the world. So this feature is unique.

The Special Single Threaded Architecture – With Its Event Loop Feature

Node.js uses an event loop architecture that is single-threaded. This is super-ideal for microservices. That loop architecture executes one instruction after another right away. 

Simplified software or Android app development, improvement in performance, ability to develop great scalable apps, etc., are the features that Node.js brings into the Android app development table. 

Native Support In The AWS

Amazon Web Services [AWS] is a highly used hosting service platform. Node.js is greatly supported by AWS and integrated into the platform. Cloud9, the IDE [integrated development environment], allows users to write and change code within its browser. 

You can use JavaScript with the IDE – cloud9. Also, you can use Amazon’s IoT SDK and the cloud development kit of AWS with JavaScript. 

Build An App With Node.js

Node.js is a better cross- or hybrid-platform runtime environment for JavaScript than other frameworks. A collection or group of web APIs is called a runtime environment [RTE]. 

Developers use this RTE for the successful development of code and also to parse that particular code. Do you know why? Because it makes the entire code lightweight, unique, and very easy to deploy. This, in turn, turns the entire mobile app development process into a more high-speed and thoroughly accelerated process than usual. 

Custom software development becomes a breeze in such a conducive and encouraging environment. Its features and behavior during hybrid mobile app development make it a go-to option for developers. 

TechRev, the top US mobile and web app development company, uses its full range of hybrid mobile app development projects to produce successful and effective applications. 

It uses Node.js for developing custom business apps since it allows real-time communication between client-side (mobile) devices, servers, databases, etc. With this approach, users can access data instantly without experiencing any latency issues.

Go TechRev Way For The Best Mobile app development services with Node.js 

Most popular apps use Node.js; that’s why Node.js is important. You can also use Node.js for iOS app development, Android app development, or even hybrid app development. Or else you can contact TechRev and partner with them to get the best custom software application services. TechRev solves all your application needs in the smoothest way possible. 

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