5 Best Programming Languages For Android App Development 2022

Google launched Android as an operating system in 2008 and it has been propelling many devices since then. Android as an operating system enjoys a significant market share. With many users choosing Android-based devices, it boasts a dominant market share of around 60%. 

Android applications have a great chance of having a better reach and lasting impact. In general, Android applications have gained popularity around the world. That is why more and more people and businesses are constantly looking for Android app development. So in these exciting times, we should learn about the best programming languages suitable for writing and building Android applications.

Let’s take a look at the best programming language for Android mobile apps in 2022.

5 Android App Development Language 2022 To Choose From

Looking for the right language for Android app development? Check these out!


Java has the flexibility to be used with any operating system that is now being embraced by developers’ communities. However, Java is preferred for the Android operating system and is the most widely used Android programming language

A programming language helps to arrange essential features and data in the application, which is also responsible for user interaction. So Java is widely favored for its intermediate level and might sometimes be more challenging than JavaScript. 

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JavaScript is one such programming language that every application developer should get acquainted with. JavaScript is renowned and is often used for application development and even for web browsing in Google Chrome. 

This is the simplest and best language for Android app development on any platform. JavaScript is famous for its simplicity, allowing inexperienced and novice developers to use it easily without complaints or concerns.


At the same time, when Apple – iOS preferred SWIFT as its programming language, Google made the decision to switch to KOTLIN as its official programming language. Kotlin is a typed language that can even run on a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). KOTLIN is one of the most multi-dimensional computer languages for Android mobile app development

Kotlin is open source; it is multi-purpose and composed of both acquisitive and functional programming characteristics, allowing it to compile very quickly.

Kotlin is a simple language with extensive libraries backing it. This makes it a lucrative and attractive option for developers of custom software development

4. C#

C# is a dot NET [.NET] programming language. While Microsoft is responsible for its development, Visual Studio supports it. It has enormous potential and flexibility to be used for a plethora of projects and programs. 

C# relies on Object-oriented programming. Thus, incremental application building is easy with C#. Also, it allows for easier and more supportive management.    

5. C++/C

The usage of Android Native Development Kit [NDK] makes C++/C highly and effectively portable across different operating systems. Like C#, even C++ is based on an object-oriented programming approach. 

Its dynamic memory allocation approach aids in high-processing applications as well as games. Experienced developers often use C++ as part of cross-platform application development along with KOTLIN or JAVA-programmed applications. 

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Factors Influencing the Selection of an Android Programming Language

Android application developers are particular about the Android programming language they choose based on the type of system they use and the environment they work in. The selection and choice of a programming language is the first step in the Android app development process. Many factors influence the decision of programming language selection for custom software development.

The following are some of the factors that influence a developer’s selection of Android programming languages:

  • The operating system they are working on.
  • The system, architecture and configuration being used.
  • The type of application the developer wants to develop, such as the choice of making a cross-platform application or a native application.
  • Developer experience, skillset regarding a particular language, and comfort levels. with that language are other factors that influence the decision to choose a particular programming language for Android app development.

Opt for the Best Language for Designing and Developing Android Applications!

These are the most recognized Android app programming languages in 2022. Appointing the appropriate programming language for app development is highly reliant on what you propose to create and the platform you intend to use to create a well-structured and highly functional mobile app.

So which Android app development language would you learn in 2022 and take up for custom mobile app development?

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