All You Need to Know About Android App Development in 2022

Almost every business wants to launch an Android app to reach its target audience. Android is among the most extensively used and famous mobile OS. 

Mobile applications based on the Android OS will be far-fetched as the enterprise can reach millions of customers with just one platform deployment. Custom Android app development helps enterprises link up with current clients and even find new prospects.

So, developing Android apps is currently on every business or individual’s wishlist. 

Importance of Android App Development

What is Android mobile app development? Android App Development is the technique of creating and delivering mobile apps solely for devices that use the Android Operating System.

In the early days, Android was written and made in the Java language. But slowly, more modern languages like C++, Kotlin, and Java with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) on Android Studio are used to create Android applications. Do you know that Android is the most friendly and feasible operating system that takes only one hour to get to know? 

Android enjoys a major chunk of market share, with 72% worldwide. So, reaching those millions of Android OS users benefits enterprises and propels their marketing plans. That is why the Google Play Store, which holds the Android apps, has almost 2.87 million apps, making it the biggest app store. 

This shows the importance of Android application development in present times. In addition, some specific benefits are associated with Android mobile app development, which cements Android’s prominence and how advantageous it is to create apps on the Android OS. Check out the benefits of custom Android app development.

Benefits Of Android App Development 2022

  1. Open Source Code

Do you know that the Android SDK is open source? So any programmer can access it and use it to develop apps that can be launched in the Google Play store. It is a key benefit for Android app development that contributes to quicker mobile app development.

  1. Vast Market Reach & Audience

Android OS mobiles enjoy around 72% of the market share. Just imagine the number of customers using Android mobiles, accessing the apps in their Play store regularly. The large demographic will be an advantage when crafting a marketing strategy to reach millions through custom software development

  1. Integration Is Very Easy

With Android apps, the integration is effortless. Advanced features can be integrated as and when required without any time or other constraints. 

  1. Low Investment; High ROI 

The investment in designing Android apps is very low. And the returns that it generates from those apps are very high. TechRev, the top-notch US web development company, assists companies to boost ROI and reach clients worldwide by offering hybrid app development services at the most affordable price.

  1. Easy Adoption

Most Java programmers find it easy to convert into script code for Android mobile applications. The transition from the code script to the mobile app is simple. Such easy adoption makes it a go-to app development approach.

  1. Easy Customization

Customization of the Android OS is very simple. The application can be tailored to the client’s needs, and they can enjoy complete benefits without any limits. Therefore, for businesses that are looking to add their features and developers trying to tweak the existing features, the Android OS is the most suitable platform. 

So, choose the right IT software company that understands your basic requirements and goals for custom app development.

  1. Multi-Sales Channels 

Deploying an Android OS is very easy. It is also possible to deploy Android apps in other markets and to third-party sites. Alternatively, you can develop your own channels or use the current sales and distribution systems. Due to its numerous sales channels, a single marketing strategy can assist you in reaching many users and clients.

Android App Development Tools You Can Use:

With the increased demand and use of Android devices, the need for better Android development tools has increased. To balance the high-quality features and the affordability aspect, some of the Android mobile app development tools are given below:

  1. Android Studio

The Android Studio platform allows developers to edit, debug, test, and troubleshoot quickly. This is the official IDE for the platform. 


  • Its code proofreader is very insightful.
  • Quick Emulator.
  • C++ cum NDK Support.
  • CodeEditor.
  • APK analyzer. 
  • Flexible Building System.
  1. Eclipse

Eclipse is an open-source and widely popular platform for Android app development. Eclipse offers a codebase environment and additional tools for customizing development. With the latest upgrade, developers can now compose code in ABAP, C#, Python, JavaScript, and other languages.


  • Has core language features.
  • Module Distribution.
  • Error reporting is automatic.
  • Multi-platform utilization. 
  1. Android SDK

Android SDK is among the major Android development tools, famously used for custom Android app development. This application allows users to write, optimize and test codebases that can be used for developing mobile apps on Android OS and inside an IDE.


  • APIs Compatible.
  • Maps are available in offline mode.
  • Debugging option is also available.
  1. AVD Manager

It’s considered one of the most useful tools for Android Studio. This is because developers can produce emulators for every Android device available on a single platform. Additionally, that emulator provides many of the features and capabilities of real Android devices. 


  • Booting is very fast.
  • Utilization of Google Play Store
  • The CTS compatibility.
  1. Unity 3D

This is a game development tool that uses AR/VR and intensive graphics. For the development of 2D and 3D games with engaging storytelling, excellent performance, and effective real-time rendering, Unity 3D offers synchronized innovation.


  • Cross Platform tool.
  • Integrates social media.
  • Screens availability for active inspection.
  • Unity Cloud.
  1. Android Debug Bridge

It is a command line interface and helps to interact with the system. Moreover, it is highly beneficial for debugging the application. Here we can exchange data with connected real-time Android devices and Android emulators.


  • Android SDK’s Tool package.
  • A versatile and seamless command line engine.
  • OEM features a customizable facility.
  • USB debugging facility.

A Brief on Android Application Development Steps 

  1. Ideation
  2. Strategy
  3. Wireframing
  4. Designing
  5. Developing
  6. Testing
  7. Submission to store
  8. Post-Deployment

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Depending on the complexity and features, Android development costs can vary. However, the array of advantages, tools, and custom software development platforms that Android has enables both low-end and high-end development. 

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