Top 8 iOS Frameworks For Mobile App Development 2022

With the increase in smartphone and smart device users, the mobile application market has an increased demand that will continue to rise in the foreseeable future. Yes, Android enjoys a high market share, which boosts the development of Android apps. But even Apple and its iOS enjoy a reasonable market share. 

iOS too has a stable demand that encourages mobile app development. TechRev is a top software development company specializing in providing digital solutions to every enterprise looking for custom software development services.

A range of mobile applications are being introduced across different sectors and areas. With reasonably attractive customer demand, enterprises are striving for a better iOS mobile application development framework and tools. To ensure seamless and high-quality iOS app development in 2022, enterprises and their developers should choose a better iOS framework. 

iOS Mobile Application Development Is A Challenge!

In general, mobile application development frameworks are important for Android app development or iOS app development. But the creation and use of iOS apps is a specific and critical challenge. Furthermore, Apple has a different level of security and privacy protocols for the sake of its customers’ well-being. Therefore, a mobile application must satisfy many parameters for it to be accepted on the iOS platform. 

The onus is on developers and enterprises to carefully choose frameworks for iOS app development. Do you know that there’s currently one million iPhone users? Such a tremendous customer reach opportunity makes iOS application development a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to grow their customer base.   

So to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, enterprises and developers should focus on iOS mobile application development. One of the primary steps to take care of is choosing the right framework for iOS application development. TechRev, a leading US web development company, can nullify your burden by  dealing with the entire project of custom software development all by itself. 

The following are some of the most popular frameworks that developers and enterprises can choose for delivering and developing world-class iOS applications.

8 Must-Know Frameworks For iOS Mobile App Development 2022

Check out the best iOS mobile app development frameworks comparison to decide which is best for you.

  1. SwiftUI

SwiftUI is compatible with the current Apple iOS and possesses easy and simple navigable options for interface designs. In addition, SwiftUI offers high engagement features and seamless in-app integrations better than other frameworks. 

All these attributes collectively make SwiftUI one of the most preferred iOS application development frameworks in 2022.

  1. Flutter

For developers who are trying to create both native and hybrid iOS applications, Flutter is considered to be equally feasible and easy to use. Easy code access and simple portability are some of its stand-out features. 

Flutter offers a quality rendering engine, some layouts, third-party integrations, testing tools, and other development tools that equip developers to write and develop top-grade iOS applications. Flutter is cited as the leading framework for cross-platform app development.

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin is also a notable UI framework for iOS-specific mobile app development. Xamarin is a .net-based open-source UI development framework. So all the APIs, libraries, front-end development components, back-end development tools, code testing tools, and others are easily available. So building and developing hybrid and responsive applications is easy. 

  1. React Native

Do you know that around 85% of iOS-specific app developers use React Native to create native apps? So React Native is the most popular iOS app development framework for 2022. React Native is the go-to JavaScript library for developing catchy and attractive native user interfaces. 

  1. Ionic

With a simple drag-drop feature and simple yet striking UI elements, Ionic is one of the leading UI kits for quality and consistent cross-platform mobile application development. Many leading iOS app development companies in the USA prefer it over others. This is because it allows for the quick development of interactive, collaborative, quickly responsive, and intelligent applications on iOS.  

  1. NativeScript

NativeScript is also an open-source framework known for building feature-rich mobile applications for Apple iOS as well as Android app development. The feasibility of using the NativeScript framework across various platforms makes it more advantageous to work with than other frameworks. That is why thousands of iOS app developers utilize it extensively across the globe.

  1. Framework7

Framework7, a free, open-source iOS app development framework, provides robust UI design and development components. These features help developers to build native apps quicker but with high efficiency. In addition, Framework7 offers a profusion of UI elements like list views, grid views, dialog boxes, and popups. 

  1. Onsen UI

If you are looking to develop top-level software applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then Onsen UI is the powerful framework and tool kit for it. The simplicity of its native UI components makes it easy to use. In terms of creating rich and engaging applications by designing and developing native UI elements, Onsen UI is the right iOS app development framework for 2022. 

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Choosing an iOS framework is a task that can decide the future possibility and fate of the application. So it’s important to be rightly guided about custom software development. Like every IT software company, choose the best US web development company for custom software development – TechRev! 

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