Express.Js-All You Need to Know About It and Its Advantages


When it comes to building a powerful and robust web application, we at TechRev’s highly proficient custom web and application development solution team always use it as server-side technology along with Node.js and Knex. Now you might be wondering why we have mentioned it, right? Well, here we are going to explain everything about Express.js and its crucial advantages-

It’s time to know what Express.js is-

It is an open-source and free application development framework that is exclusively designed for Node.js. This framework has always been popular among developers, as it enables them to design and build web applications quickly and conveniently.

A web application is a web app that runs on a web browser. The best part of it is that it requires JavaScript only, hence developers can develop web applications and APIs quickly without much effort.

As we have already said that it is a Node.js framework, which means most of the codes are already written here for the developers. The lightweight nature of Express.js allows developers to organize web applications on the server-side into a highly organized and composed MVC architecture.

When it comes to using Express.js, it’s important to learn HTML and JavaScript. It is a vital part of a JavaScript-based technology called MEAN software stack that supports MongoDB, Node.js and Angular.js. As a backend part of MEAN, It efficiently manages routing, HTTP requests, error handling, etc.

It comes with a very comprehensive JavaScript library that enables developers to build powerful web apps fast and efficiently.

The key reasons why you should use Express.js-

This framework supports JavaScript which is a widely used language and it’s easy to learn. If you already know JavaScript, you can easily start developing web applications and APIs using It.

With It, custom web application developers can make simple routing for requests made by their clients. Using this framework, developers can also build middleware that provides correct responses to the requests made by clients.

Without it, you have to write your code to develop a routing component which is a very daunting and time-consuming affair.

The powerful and highly efficient performance ensured by Node.js and ease of coding offered by Express.js are the reasons why developers these days prefer this technology and framework for developing web applications.

Express.js- the real need

For any business, time is the most valuable. Most of the time developers have the pressure to deliver the application within the required timeframe but coding an app and testing it properly needs an adequate amount of time and this is exactly where Express.js makes developers’ lives convenient.

Using it, developers can reduce the coding time up to 50% and develop a very powerful application.

Another reason why most developers prefer Express.js is due to it being JavaScript-oriented. Any amateur developer who knows JavaScript can use Express.js. It allows an organization to use its young resources and achieve success.

Thirdly. Express.js is highly event-driven, as it can handle thousands of client requests at a time which is not possible with PHP.

Key features of Express.js

Faster and smoother server-side development:

Express.js comes with many commonly used Node.js features as functions. Developers can use those functions anywhere in the program.


Middleware is an inevitable component of a program. It has access to the database and other middleware components. Express.js has a systematic organization of different functions that enable developers to build a perfect middleware.

Enhanced routing:

Express.js comes with an enhanced routing mechanism that preserves the state of the web pages.


Express.js’ templating engines allow developers to create dynamic content on the web pages by building HTML templates on the server-side.


When it comes to ensuring the successful development of a web application, debugging is a highly crucial factor. The debugging mechanism of Express.js can pinpoint the exact part of the program that has bugs.

So, now you realize the vital reasons why we use Express.js as a server-side tool for developing a web application for our clients. If you need more clarity on TechRev’s custom web and app development solutions and its technology stack, click here and we would be more than happy to help you.