5 Tips to reduce site friction

5 Tips to reduce site friction

If you’re noticing the conversion rates of your website have dropped, or people are leaving your site at a much faster rate, one of the major reasons could be website friction. Website friction stops the conversion journey of a prospect because of how it negatively affects the user experience. This is instrumental in driving leads away and creating a bad rep for your site in general. 

So, how can you avoid this? Experts at the best web development service have some tips for you: 

Increase your site speed:  

People have shorter attention spans because of faster internet service. So, when your website takes too long to load it drives your users away. This can lead to heavy losses, especially when you’re investing in promoting your website online through Email Marketing or PPC ads. People will usually wait 2-3 seconds for a site to load, after which they usually don’t stick around. When you increase your site speed using tried and tested methods such as image optimization, browser caching and right hosting, users are more likely to stay. It’s a challenging job, which is why the best bet is to hire the right web development service. 

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Simplified site design to reduce site friction:  

A website shouldn’t be designed in a complex way. Always keep your website user-centric. A site should have all the right buttons in all the right places to help users navigate the website more efficiently. This only helps to enhance the utility of the site. Experimentation with the design is always possible, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of site friction. Web Development Services usually design websites that are easy to use and innovative at the same time. 

Less ads, more substance:  

Irrelevant ads only tend to clutter the design of any website and affect the user experience. Ads are usually a nuisance that users cannot wait to click away from and having them in the wrong places only leads to driving users away. Web Development Service experts say that less is better when it comes to placing ads on your site, and even then it’s best to be strategic about it. 


People have abandoned the allure of a computer screen and have returned to phones where the internet is more accessible. With users largely navigating the web with their mobile devices, it becomes important to cater to them. Having a mobile-friendly site is the bare minimum for any website. Websites need to be optimized for mobile users so they don’t create friction on handheld devices and drive away conversions. Web Development Services always suggest making a mobile-friendly site a top priority. 

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Have a goal:  

Any website is started in order to achieve something. Make sure to add proper CTAs to your website to remind users why they’re on your site. Content placed in disarray only drives conversions away. Eliminate all distractions that stop users from getting converted. 

A website with friction has a lot of disadvantages. The primary ones being a lack of conversions and an increased bounce rate. Your website and subsequently, your brand loses its appeal. It’s extremely important to have a frictionless and fully functioning site as it only helps create conversions instead of stopping them in their tracks.  
We hope these 5 tips will help in reducing any site friction that your website has. Our Web Development Service Experts at TechRev are always available to answer your questions about site friction and also to guide you about making your own smooth and practical website.